Craftsmanship, caring, and quality describe the way we do business at Historical Publications, Inc.

Craftsmen who are allowed to perform their specialties with patience and care inevitably do better work than those who must contend with production quotas and heavy-handed supervision.

Understanding and caring are also part of the foundation from which we have built our reputation. We give great attention to detail in production, and also pay close attention to the needs of our clients.

A tradition of quality doesn’t necessarily mean staying with traditional methods. At Historical Publications, Inc., we continually incorporate new technology which allows us to improve the quality of our work.

Even though we have taken advantage of computerized advancements, we still maintain a tradition of personable relationships by showing courtesy and respect to our clients.


Having some place to go is called home . . .
Having someone to love is called family . . .
Having both is a blessing.

Let us help you preserve your heritage.

We get letters from customers:

“Once again your organization came through with flying colors when you published our book of more than a thousand pages, The Hare Hutch.

Because of your expertise in layout and photo screening, and your personal attention and help to me in setting up my work, the book is a huge success. We have had nothing but high praise for both the quality and appearance of the book. Thanks for a job superbly done and well within promised schedule.

I do not know if I ever shall write another book, but know this, that if I do, Historical Publications shall be my first choice as publisher.”

R.R. Masagee—Granbury, Texas